Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Eulogy for my Snoopy Snow Globe

My poor Snoopy.

Yesterday, while unwinding after work, the kitty Oberon was hanging out on the couch and decided that walking across the tiny end table to get to me on the other side was a great idea. It's not the first time he's had this idea, and usually, I shoo him off before he can get too far.

This time, though, I was too absorbed in whatever I was doing. He stood his fat butt on the wrong side of this little three-legged table (it's supposed to have three legs), and he tipped the entire thing over.

Among other items on this little table was my snow globe Snoopy, which hit the computer table and shattered, leaving shards of glass and glitter all over. I can't believe it bothered me so much, but it did: I sobbed.

I've had it since at least college - maybe earlier - and it was a present from my mom. As I wrote about a few years ago, this little figurine has always been my little writing muse, a reminder that Snoopy hasn't given up on writing and neither should I. Snoopy on his red doghouse, typing "It was a dark and stormy night" has been a creative inspiration to me. When I'm stuck or taking a break, I would shake it up and watch the glitter fly, staring into the flecks of color while I pondered my next words.

I did an online search last night and couldn't find anything related to it - I couldn't find it for sale on any corner of the internet. And unfortunately, I might have to throw out the rest of the figurine, because there are glass shards poking out from underneath Snoopy that can't be pried out. I love my little muse, but not enough to risk accidentally stabbing myself or someone else.

Oberon was very reclusive for the rest of the evening, but I gave him pets and hugs before bed because he didn't do this on purpose, and at least he wasn't hurt when everything fell over.

But I'm still going to miss my Snoopy.

P.S. The main figure says "Breakable: Keep out of reach of children" on the bottom, but it says nothing about cats. NOTHING. I think this means I have legitimate grounds to sue, but I'm not going to. Because I'm a people person.

Maybe I'll write them a letter instead.

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