Friday, August 9, 2013

By These Powers Combined, They Are Captain Random!

Friday has needed to be here since Monday. Here is your reward for making it this far.

1. Bunny.

2. Last night's sunset, from the old hunting grounds.

3. An odd personification of a caterpillar.

Early Stages: "This leaf tastes great! So does this one! And this one!"
Middle Stages: "I'm so hungry. It's like I can't get full enough. Do I eat because I'm fat or am I fat because I eat?"
Later Days: "WTF? Where is this weird stringy stuff coming from?"
Shortly After: "AUGH! I have a compulsive desire to encase my body in it! I don't want to!"
In the Cocoon: "Must ... control ... claustrophobia ..."

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