Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Good, Wholesome ... Drunkenness

Spousal Unit and I enjoyed a good, wholesome weekend with the family. Sorry, I mean a good, wholesome half hour. We were drunk for the rest of it.

First things first: We went to Drammen Lutheran Church in Mondovi for a family reunion. I was excited to see some people I hadn't seen it a while. Unfortunately, by the time we got there, the reunion was over. All that was left to see was the church.

That still worked for me - my great-great-grandpa who came over from Norway built this church. Here I am being silly in front of it. (I doubt he would have approved.)

Then came the less wholesome and more fun part of the weekend. It wasn't spent at the bottom of red Solo cups, but it was close enough.

I saw a cool barn door while drinking. You are all shocked to know there are barn doors in Wisconsin. Amazing camera point: This was taken in pitch dark.

You can almost see a face peeking out of that window, can't you?

But from there on out, the night was pretty serious.

My sister Brooke imitated Lady Wisconsin.

I'm not sure what these people are imitating. A pterodactyl, the leaning tower of Pisa, a drunk, a palm tree, and a Badgers coach are my best guesses.

My brother Sam was either channeling The Most Interesting Man in the World or his stripper persona, Black Raspberry Swirl. (By his, I mean Sam's, not the Interesting Man. Though he probably has a stripper persona too - he's just that interesting.)

Sam also used my shawl to try out for the part of Mary in the upcoming Christmas pageant. I bet I know how that will go.

Spousal Unit at least remotely disturbed Brooke with a tale I'm sure he shouldn't have been telling.

And then we had moonshine liquid apple pie by the fire.

As we drove off into the sunset the next day, I stopped to smell the roses by running away from my moosey fate.

Overall, a success.

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