Monday, August 5, 2013

The First Annual In-Law Day

Over the weekend, the Parental Drunkfest (a.k.a. In-Law Day) finally happened. We had scheduled it for April and it fell through, but at long last, Spousal Unit's parents, my mom, and Neal were all in one place again for only the second time in our relationship (the other time being our wedding).

We went to Capital Brewery and had a pitcher of their Oktoberfest beer.

Sure, we've had better beer, but the point was in the company, and their Biergarten was an excellent place to sit together and catch up.

After a lovely but brief time there, we went to our favorite Indian restaurant in Madison: Maharaja. (I've written about their awesomeness before, remember?) We chatted, we laughed, we expanded our belt buckles a tad, and the very kind staff took our picture for us.

Back at our place, we had tea, mused about dinner, and laughed some more. It was a lovely evening, resulting in awesome candles.

It meant a lot to me to have them all together with us; Spousal Unit and I have had an anything-but-conventional relationship, and I want our families' relationships with each other to be unconventional, too. How many couples can haul the in-laws together and have such a good time? How many can say, as Spousal Unit and I do, that we love our in-laws and want to get them together more often?

This was the first of many In-Law Days. We are both very lucky.

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  1. I loved your blog! What a beautiful testament to your families and both of you!


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