Friday, August 2, 2013

Goat in a Coat, Me in a Track Suit - They're Both Ridiculous

Well. I've royally failed at keeping up on the blog this week. It's been busy and hectic and stressful for me, but to you, my readers, it just means you've missed out on what could have been awesomely embarrassing stories, hyperbolic letters, and sunset pictures. So as compensation, here are some embarrassing pictures of me as a kid. (Keep in mind, though, my mom has all the good stuff.)

Me at one year

Me, 2 years 

My birthday, in a full track suit. (Yes, matching pants.) 

My band uniform was so cool, I didn't even need to open my eyes for pictures 

At the dentist with my sister 

Shortly before the perm... (I'll try to find a picture of that)

Stupid picture won't turn the right way, but you get the idea. Yes, that goat is wearing my jean jacket.

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