Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Personal Action Plan: A Rough Start


I loved 
Madison Mahdia Lynn's suggestions, so I'm writing them out here. If you're feeling like a bit of flotsam in a sea of tears, give this a try for yourself - feel free to start from my list. Also, it's often the case that others can see you more clearly than you see yourself. Do you have insights for me? Let me know.

STEP ZERO: Give yourself a moment to breathe.
This was the first two weeks. Now I need to multitask.

STEP ONE: Make a list of what you’re good at.
Writing (incl. coming up with effective slogans and bringing humor)
Attention to detail
Discount shopping
Using the phone
Passion for ALL THE THINGS

STEP TWO: Make a list of your limitations.
Public speaking (I can do it, and I might be good at it, but it's emotionally taxing)
Inability to directly confront problems ... which is going to be fun for me
Constraints due to having a toddler (time available, time of day issues)
Limited funds
Few connections to organizations

STEP THREE: Make a list of people and organizations that need support.
I'm gonna need another set of tiny hands to count these on.

Boys & Girls Club
Big Brothers, Big Sisters

Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Prevention

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Freedom of Speech/Press

Political Activism

Racial Equality
The Anti-Defamation League

Refugee/Immigrant Assistance

Reproductive/Women's Rights - a 4-star charity for 14 years straight

Madison Area
Outreach (LGBT support)

STEP FOUR: Make a list of people and organizations you are connected with.
Madison NOW
My workplace
My former workplaces (some, at least)
Spousal Unit's workplace
Our alma mater
Several Facebook mom groups
My Facebook group for those who want to support each other
Everyone who reads my blog?
And my Twitter, which I've been active with for like two days

STEP FIVE: Put it all together.
Spitballing ideas here for the night - not sure what the best option might be. Some could be long term or short term.

Use my blog as a platform for local resistance issues; reach out to others in the area and work together so that we can be cohesive.

Start knitting scarves for the March for Science.

Make three phone calls to elected officials every week.

Run for office? I've thought about it recently, but I don't know politics well (and also, I hate politics, which could be a problem).

Work with Madison NOW to host a diversity and inclusion training for a broader audience (this is kinda sorta in the works).

Make fun of Trump constantly.

Provide slogan ideas for protest signs, etc.

Send cookies to Tammy Baldwin. Because why the fuck not.
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