Friday, August 23, 2013

Fiery Color and Cool Completeness*

My tomato plants are doing wonderfully this year. I'm especially impressed because they're fairly large plants in the same relatively small pot, but they keep reaching higher, smelling fresher, and looking more vibrant.

These are supposedly cherry tomatoes, but the one on the right is about an inch and a quarter in diameter already; I suspect I've ended up with regular tomatoes of some sort instead. I'm not complaining, though.

We've had one of these sweet paste tomatoes already, and there are eight more almost ready to be sliced for salad or chomped outright. The plant continues to blossom, preparing for a second litter of fruit before the first is off the vine.

This, at a time when we've just received an incredible scarlet (and verdant) harvest from the CSA.

Sauce season is upon us; autumn draws nigh.

*Title comes from the Pablo Neruda poem Ode to Tomatoes. Like all Neruda, it is worth your time.

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