Tuesday, August 20, 2013

7 Ways in Which My Cats Are Like Mountain Goats

1. They both like to smack each other around.

2. The highest point in the vicinity makes them king of the mountain - even if it's only two feet higher than everything around it.

3. I might also be allergic to mountain goat noses. I have no reason to suspect this, but hey, it's possible.

4. They will eat (or try to eat) almost anything I leave lying it around. For all I know, a mountain goat might also decide to regurgitate something it has eaten in a mysterious corner of the house, staining the carpet a weird shade of blue.

5. They look legless when they curl up on the ground.

6. Their feet can inflict a great deal of pain.

7. If there is one in my apartment, chances are it won't take long to destroy something of mine - like my sweater (story coming later this week).

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