Thursday, September 27, 2012

Leaves and Blossoms

There are approximately five million things I love about fall. But I especially love a couple of them.

This is a new one for me: a plant finally blossoming for the first time, at the end of summer. At its peak, my African violet had 21 blossoms at once.

I finally got to wear my colorful new pink Asian-style jacket. Remember when I bought it? I also picked up two awesome fall shirts, a really comfy pair of pants, and silky pajama pants to replace my old ones. (They had holes at both hips. One was the size of my head.)

Leaves are turning everywhere! The library parking lot (above) is especially resplendent right now, but I'm also impressed by the tree outside our window. It's almost chartreuse at sunset. This photo is not edited at all. Wow.

My least favorite color for a long time was yellow - and it was least favorite by a wide margin. Now, I may not wear yellow, but I appreciate it a lot more. I used to think yellow trees were boring, but that's not necessarily true.

Last weekend, we picked buckets and buckets of what once blossomed and have now ripened gloriously: acorn squash, pumpkins, butternuts, and something called red kuri squash. Yum - I can't wait for squash soup!

And lastly, in only somewhat unrelated news, the NFL and the refs have finally come to an agreement. Thanks for doing what's right for the kids, NFL. It only took one of them running into the street for you to suck it up.

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