Tuesday, September 11, 2012

From Juice Jug to Watering Can

Yesterday, a huge jug of apple juice in the fridge ran dry, and I was going to recycle it. But then Spousal Unit said, "You could use it for watering plants. Maybe you could even poke some holes in the lid."

That boy has a lot of smart.

I'd been casually keeping an eye out for a cheap watering can at the secondhand stores - till now, I've just used a regular-sized water bottle, which I have to refill two or three times to satisfy all the plants. But even better than a secondhand watering device is a reused jug. It's not pretty, but it does the job, and that's all I need.

The lid was pretty sturdy, so I used a nail and hammer to pound holes in the lid.

They weren't big enough, so I got a bigger nail and cracked the lid.

The test run showed it worked okay, and then I realized the jug needed to let air out, too. So I pounded some holes in the jug itself, just above the handle. (I had to be careful to choose a spot that wouldn't make it just leak all over. That would be a tad counterproductive.)

And voila! A homemade watering jug - the basil is quite pleased with it.

The water is a bit unpredictable because of the slight crack in the lid, but how many watering cans have you known that water sideways? Most are at least a little off-kilter.

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