Monday, September 24, 2012

Back to the Language Board

So. Part of me was kind of looking forward to the upcoming move as being a bit easier than usual, because this time, I was going to have the same job throughout it all. I still won't be switching jobs when we move, but I am before the move. Yes, I will start a new job in a couple of weeks.

This all happened very quickly, once things got rolling. I found out about this position a month ago, through the temp agency that got Spousal Unit his job. Copy editing for a non-profit? It was exactly what I've been looking for since we moved back to Wisconsin last summer. I called the temp agency and tried not to sound like a dog begging for a Milk Bone. (I succeeded. I think.)

The company wasn't ready to hire yet, but they'd let me know as soon as the opportunity came. The call came on Monday last week; the interview was set on Tuesday; I interviewed on Wednesday; I got the job on Friday.

Throw into that whirlwind an unreasonable leasing agent, a night-before-the-interview discovery that our free printer was kicked to the curb for a reason, and a PT appointment where the therapist said, "Well, that's interesting," and you could say I had a crazy week. I'm not a fan of those.

Okay, I'm a fan if it ends with me getting a job I really wanted.

Things I will miss about the current job: some great coworkers, my random three-day weekends, and constantly being surrounded by new books. Things I will not miss: 40-pound boxes, customers who think working retail is code for "please treat me like crap," and not getting weekends with Spousal Unit unless I asked off for them.

Grand things about the new job: Spousal Unit and I can carpool, it's closer to the new apartment, better pay (by virtue of not being retail), and working with language again - for a living. Less grand things: adjusting to the new environment, a fear of my bosses deciding to hate me (thanks, HPB), and trying to use computer programs I supposedly know and haven't used in years.

Overall, I'd say the new job will be worth it - especially because the negatives so far are things that will get better. I just have to keep reminding myself of that.

But I really hope the new coworkers are my kind of weird.

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