Thursday, August 16, 2012

The New Caped Avenger, and Hippie Christmas

And now... the winner of Tuesday's giveaway, the Technicolor Madness Capelet! The correct answer was 504.

Congratulations, Amor! Her guess, posted on my Facebook link, came closer than anyone else's. She (or whomever she gives the cape to) gets to call herself The Caped Avenger while wearing it. Because I said so. What will she be avenging? All the happiness in the world that has ever wanted to shine through, and couldn't for some reason. Through her, while wearing that cape, happiness will abound.

Yes, I'm kind of a sap. Pessimists, deal with it.

For those of you who looked at what I was giving away and said, "Who the hell would want a shawl?" (because I know some of you are out there), I'll be doing another giveaway next month. That one will be a scarf. Unfortunately for you guys, it (like the shawl) is kind of girly. But I don't judge - wear the hell out of it if you win. That, or give it to your mom for Christmas.

Speaking of free stuff, I got a bunch of it earlier this week for Hippie Christmas. Last year, it fell on a weekend, and four of us went to vulturize the slag heaps downtown as students fled for their lives. This year, it was on Monday and Tuesday, and I was left to my own devices.

Hippie Christmas, much like regular Christmas, is not meant to be celebrated alone. I'm still under medical orders (for my back) to not lift more than 20 pounds at a time, but I figured if it was in the name of a bookshelf, I'd be okay.

And I did find a nice - if somewhat unstable - unit, with nine little cubbies. A few L-brackets, and it'll be good as new. I'd show you pictures, but that will have to wait for later - Spousal Unit has absconded with the camera. (P.S. My back is fine. I lifted properly and dragged when I could. Plus, a nice hot bath.)

I also found a set of sturdy wooden chairs with nice arms, perfect for our dining table. Now, no one has to sit on the rocking footstool when they come over, rocking tea into his/her lap. (P.S. Come over for tea, people.) They're in need of a better finish, seeing as half of the chairs are plain wood, and the other half are painted black. And the other half are the original brownish finish, complete with weird painted rope knots. Yes, that's three halves. Because I'm special, and the chairs are magic.

I discovered a sturdy glass decanter in a box of broken dishes - the decanter is decidedly not broken, and will be lovely for wine, brandy, or iced tea. It would even be lovely for cough syrup. But I'm not going to put cough syrup in it. That would be rather silly.

There was also a nice plastic jar, with raised decorative grapes (not a metaphor) and a wooden lid. I also discovered a broom, three cans of tomatoes, and an unopened box of spaghetti. Thank you, college students (or rather, college parents), for feeding me.

Someone asked if I wasn't worried about eating randomly discovered cans of tomatoes. Um, no. They're not leaking, and they're not rusty, so they're fine. They're not even dented.

Between those, the tomatoes my grandpa gave me, and the ones coming in my CSA this week, I'll need a recipe for tomato sauce.

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