Friday, August 17, 2012

Fantasy Football: The Naming

This weekend, I get to have fun with a bizarre aspect of my life which, to most people, is a square peg in a star-shaped hole. But I love it and throw myself into it every year.

This weekend is the fantasy football draft.

I love the weird sense of community that develops between me and my friends - mostly guys, of course. The one other girl on my team always thrills at seeing how well we do overall, compared to the guys - and we've done pretty well every year. Here's hoping one of us wins it this time.

I've been doing research on this stuff, because last year I was woefully unprepared to choose my team. I chose... poorly. (Okay, I did just fine. But I wanted to use that line.) Still, when all is said and done, the English major in me can't resist having the most fun of all with the least important aspect of the game: developing a team name. The best one I've had so far was The Aluminum Falcons; I hope to top it this year.

I spent a good hour putzing around on the internet yesterday, watching Robot Chicken and Whose Line is it Anyway, trying to come up with some hilarious team names. Some of them turned out so wonderfully, I have to share them with you. One or two are names I found elsewhere and liked, but mostly, I engineered them. Take them and use them, if you like - but if you're one of my team members and you take a name I wanted to use, be warned that I might have to kick your ass this year in retribution.

For those who don't play fantasy, or watch football: there are several players's names in here. Those team names would, of course, work best if you had those guys on your team.

- The Last Ballbenders (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
- Kamikaze Penguins
- The Army Ants (The Big Bang Theory)
- I’ve Got a Sproles in My Pocket (Yellow Submarine)
- White Lightning and the Shockers (Jordy Nelson is nicknamed White Lightning)
- Indiana Jones-Drew and the Last Cruz-ade
- Wham Bam Thank You Cam
- The Romosapiens
- A Crabtree Grows in Madison (after the book A Tree Grows in Brooklyn)
- Fifty Shades of Browns (Good if you have lots of Cleveland Browns on your team... but why would you?)
- Wildcard Bitches (Always Sunny in Philly)
- Punt Return of the Jedi
- The Empire Strikes Bradshaw
- The Padamame Panda Bears (Robot Chicken)
- Thai Fighters 
- Isis Goatleys (Archer)
- Fort Kickass
- I Had Something For This

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