Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Hot Air Balloon and a Lightsaber Sounds Like a Bad Combo...

Last week, Spousal Unit and I were on our flying carpet of a porch when we saw something unusual in the sky. It wasn't a bird, or a plane. (And who gets excited about those, anyway?)

I'm pretty proud of myself for getting a pic of the hot air balloon while it was gassing up.

I'm also proud of myself for knitting a lightsaber.

I found a picture of Darth Vader's and replicated it almost exactly - not an easy feat, and I did it all without a pattern. Above, I was using three balls of yarn at once, for the angular end of the handle. It got pretty tangly.

I think I did really well for such a self-invented project. The saber itself was made of Fun Fur, the black yarn was Caron, and the silver was Vanna's Glamour, double stranded. I made the black parts  bulge by running the yarn behind it very tightly, and then stuffing between the back strands as I went along.

You may notice the white thing sticking out of the first lightsaber picture. It's from our blinds - I accidentally broke them, and the thing that opens the slats was perfect to reinforce my project. Unfortunately, that means I'll have to break another set to make another lightsaber. I still think a dowel rod would have been too hard, but the plastic thing makes it less painful for the person getting stabbed.

Speaking of which: Stephanie, I meant to apologize to you for this thing being in your home now...


  1. Great pic of the hot air balloon. Where did you take the picture?

    1. Thanks! Near my place, in the Madison area.


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