Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hooray! A Giveaway!

I thought I'd try something new with today's post: a giveaway! The shawl above (which I've named the Technicolor Madness Capelet) is something I made for a craft booth a few years ago, and it's just been sitting around, keeping my yarns company behind a cupboard door and bringing joy to no one. It's time to change that.

This shawl measures 11 inches from the center point to the corners, and is 20 inches across. The orange yarn is merino wool, nylon and acrylic; the blue border is wool. A great piece for early fall, and a great present, if you're not personally inclined toward capes. (Though who doesn't love a good cape?)

Here's how this works: Leave a comment with your number guess - between 1 and 1,875. I have chosen the number and emailed it to Spousal Unit, so you all know I haven't changed the number at the last minute. (Because clearly, that's something I might do otherwise.) If two guesses are equally close to the number I've chosen, the winner will be the one with the smaller guess.

If I don't get at least five guesses, I'll put this contest back in my pocket and try again later. Check back on Thursday to find out who the winner is, and I'll let you know how to contact me.

This contest, unfortunately, must be restricted. It is open to anyone in the United States - I'm afraid I can't afford overseas postage at the moment.

May the odds be ever in your favor!


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