Monday, August 6, 2012

Blog? Augh!

Sometimes I have trouble coming up with blog post ideas. My wells of creativity become dusty and void of intelligence, to the point where I consider posting a picture of how thick the dust on my dresser has gotten.

I actually kind of love it when I reach the final crumbs of pseudo-original thought my mind can conjure. It means I get to search the vastness of the internets for people who've had this problem many times before - people who are willing to help me out. This time, I just searched "blog post ideas," and here are some of the fun things I accidentally found.

 - Joy the Baker. Usually, a list of post ideas has all the ideas I've already done, plus a bunch that I would probably never write about (things like starting a 401k and hiking across Tunisia). But her list actually got me thinking - especially her idea to post about where inspiration comes from! Post I'll feature soon: crafts I hope someone will make, inspired by Cirque du Soleil's Love.

- Joy's post led me to Shutterbean, who does a list post every week. I really like that idea, and Shutterbean has such a variety in each post! Books, food, clothes, art, and more. I might have a new favorite place on the internets. Post I'll feature soon: the best of my blog over the last year and a half.

- Shutterbean led me to Take a Megabite's strawberry rhubarb sweet rolls. Post I'll feature soon: an amazing chocolate basil cake I'll make for Spousal Unit's birthday. (Though I might get voted out in favor of Carl's Cakes.)

Holy sweetness, Batman. Feed me now.

- And a comment on that post led me to Shopped and Dropped. Charlie posts about a myriad of things, including some that I'm not usually into - like nails. But check these out! It makes me wish I could go a day or two without chipping them into oblivion. Post I'll feature soon: some of my favorite art pieces, and how they still inspire me whenever I see them.

Now I have enough ideas for at least the next two weeks.

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