Monday, August 20, 2012

Awake Fail

I have big, big plans for today, and for the rest of my four-day weekend. Unfortunately, if I can't shake off the sleep that's caught in my eyes, I'll spend the rest of today napping and being lazy.

This is not an acceptable course of action. Here are the steps I'm taking to remedy that:

1. An immediate and cold shower, lasting about five minutes. This will make my nerve endings scream, "AUGH! We're awake!"

2. A cup of Assam Gold Rain black tea to make the brain cells snort, "Whut? Iz okay, we can has think nao." Or maybe I'll skip straight to the English Breakfast. That always gives my brain a good kick in the pants.

3. A head-first dive into my list for the day. Usually, by doing that, I tend to just forget the rest of the sleepiness, and by the time it's all gone, I've already been productive.

The problem with all of these is that I have an unusual sleepy feeling today - one not caused by a lack of sleep. I fear I may end up like this:

Here's what I will attempt to do today, while half asleep.

- Our monthly budget. It will likely feature imaginary numbers.
- A trip to the library. I hope it doesn't become a sleepwalking trip.
- Reading about viruses, for my novel. And I will fall asleep mid-paragraph, dream the end of my novel, and wake up and write it. And then it will turn out that was a dream, and when I wake up for real, I won't remember how I ended it. Crap. I already hate that dream.
- A new knitting project. A very small but still complicated one. ...I hope I don't accidentally knit something totally bizarre. Like this.

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