Monday, July 25, 2011

Surviving Toledo

Well, we survived our incredible getaway weekend in wonderful Toledo, Ohio. Here are some pictures to help you understand our trip and why Toledo is, as they say, "still a great place to live."

Really. That's what they say.

The first thing that told us of Toledo's excellency was the exquisite beauty of our hotel. Why, right outside our room were modern works of found art, such as our ceiling.

Gorgeous work. I can't imagine doing it any differently.

Another great piece we found was the Washington Township Fire Department. They seem perfectly content to ignore strange acronyms.

We went to Lake Erie - I'd never been there before. We drove past a very nice oil refinery to get there. The lake itself was kind of a sickly color, at least at that beach, so I did not wade in the waters. But I did explore a bit, and managed to find this odd little thing, henceforth referred to as "the barnacle."

We're not sure at all what it is. It looks like suckers from some sort of creature, but it's hard and broken off on the left. I don't recall there being coral in the Great Lakes, though... Maybe this thing was a mutation from the oil refinery.

We found pirates, too.

The wedding we traveled for was beautiful. The bride had a little trouble getting the ring on the groom's hand, and once it was finally in place, she patted it soundly, as if to make it stay put.

It was a very German wedding, complete with the ringing of cowbells as the bride and groom left the church, and lots of German dances and toasts at the reception, which was in a Hilton ballroom.

Very pretty. Even the butter was pretty.

Overall, though, our impression of the trip can be summed up by this one picture. (Click to view a larger version of this incredible piece of art.)

This car was in our hotel parking lot the first night we arrived. I bleeped out the first word on the trunk (you're welcome), but I think you can figure out what it says. Above that are portraits of black men - there are portraits like that all the way around the car - and above the portraits, it says, "Stop snitchin'."

The most glorious part came at night, though: the underside of the car lit up in a spectacle of multi-colored neon glory.

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