Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's a Weird Day in the Neighborhood

I've spent my morning looking for a bunch of random weird crap for you to enjoy.

You're welcome.

At Seventh Sanctum, you can generate weird names. Not weird like Severus or Zebediah. Weird like Ensorceled Duke Who is in the Vault. Or Haunted Emperor Caressed by Indigo Terror. Or The Innocent Chaotic Emperor, with Locks of Malachite and the Coat of Final Confusion. Great for games where you need an unusual name, or if you're planning to take over the world and need a new identity.

To the left on that website, you can find lists of other weird random generators, like evil animal minions and the B-movie film namer. These are my new favorite things on the internets.

Everyone loves those stories featured on slow news days - guy builds roller coaster in his back yard, Nessie on vacation, and the dog who wanted sushi. I think it's usually more interesting when legal issues get involved, hence my amusement with Legally Weird.

Things like... a porn bus full of ducks and geese. A woman who tried to sell her son at a Taco Bell for $500. And the moderate-speed drunken buggy chase. Way funnier and more bizarre than the roller coaster - sorry, dude.

There's always The Daily Weird, too - featuring... no, guess. I dare you. This is my favorite from this week so far.

Copyright not me.

You knew Weird Al was going to be in this post at least once. He will now demonstrate how much Justin Bieber really sucks (if you didn't already know). "Can't read my polka face" is a terrible pun, but I adore it. Don't forget the classic Fat. And Weird Al has a blog, too.

EBay has a weird stuff category, I guess, ranked slightly unusual, really weird, and totally bizarre. (Warning: a couple of those have nudity on the main pages.) One of the weirdest that I found was a spell offering to turn you into a werewolf (for the low price of $169.99). I think the pictures of wolves are a wonderful way to convince readers of its authenticity. Also, you can choose a vampire ability to throw in, including animal magnetism.

I think I won't buy that one - eating raw meat doesn't appeal to me.


  1. I was playing around with the name generator. So much fun!

    Here are my favorites. They were to fun not to share!

    The Tenth Indigo Harradin with a Heart of Fire

    The Cruel Spectral Walker with Tresses of Copper

    Elder who Was Not the Terrible Teacher

    Helmet of Slaughter

    The Purple Harradin of Dexterity and Atrocity

    The Serene Thinker in the Agony

  2. I kind of want to use all of those in a short story...


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