Monday, July 4, 2011

I Will Probably Not Get Bored for the Rest of My Life

My camera is rather far away from me right now, so for today's post, I shall use my powers of Incredibly Accurate Description to provide you with details. Also, that would be a great super power which would look really lame in the face of Flight or something.

I've been on a roll with the crafting lately. My recent decision was to do my best to work only on projects I already have going, and to avoid starting a new one till I finish some of those in progress.

Last week, I finished my grandma's shawl and sent it for her birthday. It's made of a French blue chenille-esque yarn, a slightly lighter shade than you would see on traditional blue-on-white china plates. It's long - about four and a half feet, I think - but thin, a foot wide at most. The pattern I made up features shell-shaped curves and loops throughout and includes three colors of beads along the length. Pearlescent green, purple, and silver decorate the edges, making the shawl look fancier than it is. Despite being somewhat small, the beads and thick yarn make it heavy, good to give Grandma extra warmth in summer air conditioning.

So. That's the only project I have finished so far. My incredibly inaccurate Ravelry page shows some of the things I'm working on, but not all. I'm making...

- A set of handwarmers for a New Mexico friend from Ohio, in the grey and bright red of Ohio State colors. They're striped and ribbed with just a thumbhole on the side - very simple, but cozy, like the pair I made for Spousal Unit in Packers and Bears colors (to show his conflicting loyalties).

- A lace shawl for myself. This is the one I mentioned a while ago when I talked about knitting lace. It's nearly complete - the pattern I found was pretty easy, the worst part being just keeping track of the freakin' stitches. I have at least twenty errors in this thing, so it's going to be interesting. Apparently lace is one of those things you shouldn't work on while watching episodes of Cheers, or anything else remotely distracting.

The needles I used were twice the recommended size, and the yarn is of the sock variety. Colors are a bright, almost royal blue, dusky purple, and black all twined together to make a gorgeous dark yarn with starry specks throughout. Wildfoote brand in elderberry, if you're interested.

- The Sweater The Universe Denied. Yep, still sitting in a bag, entirely too visible, waiting for me to work on it. Actually, now that we've moved, I'm not exactly sure where the pattern ended up. Whoops. But I'm not frogging that one: I am determined to make myself a sweater, even if I have to walk around doing the Kermit dance with the ridiculously long arms flopping about like separate living entities.

- A small pillow with fishies and bubbles. Hey, I have a picture of this one!

The back of the pillow will have flecks of purple and blue all over. This just needs another two inches of the back before I can sew it up. Maybe that can be my big project for the week.

- My Project Linus blanket. Project Linus is dedicated to giving handmade blankets of all kinds to children of all ages. I started this one several years ago, when I first re-learned crochet, so it's naturally kind of FUBAR-ish. Light blue and brown checker patterns, except I realized that with the way I made the checkers, when sewn together they would look like stripes instead. So I put the project away and haven't worked on it for quite a while.

- Finally, The Neverending Quilt. Thanks to being with my mom for the holiday, I now have three new colors of yarn to throw in the mix. Combined with all the other colors, this might be enough to finish off the quilt squares. Last night I finished a square made of deep red and an ivory-esque shade of tan. The other new color is a deep teal, more green than blue, which is called Pagoda. If you don't recall my post on the quilt, this one alternates colors for thick striping, with a black trim around the edges. My short-term goal is to finish six squares in the next two weeks.

Between all of that and the awesome exciting interview I have this week, I should be plenty busy. Not to mention the wonderful new book I'm reading, which I'll tell you about soon. For today, though, happy Fourthiness to you all. I'm off for a run.

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