Friday, July 15, 2011

The End of an Era

While Spousal Unit was gone, I took a few pictures - with my film camera. I loaded it with black and white and took at least one picture every day. It was very exciting for me - something about film is so much more thrilling and tangible than digital, and I missed my old camera.

Unfortunately, the roll didn't come out as well as I was hoping. Some of the shots were still pretty good, but I may go strictly digital after this. (Takes me longer than most to catch on.) I'll try another roll before deciding that for certain, because maybe I'm just not used to my camera anymore after six months of disuse. But even I must admit there are certain advantages to digital versus film - like it doesn't cost $15 to develop 24 pictures. Ugh.

I'd still love to get the digital version of my camera someday - a Canon Rebel. My Rebel G - with me despite being dropped down a mountain - might have to be retired.

Spousal Unit is somewhere over the Atlantic right now. While I go to retrieve him, enjoy these shots in black and white. Enlarge to see the awesome.

There's a bee to the left of the flowers.

Do you see the spiderweb?

Grandma and Grandpa's farm


  1. I love black and white. You need to use your imagination. It can congure up all kinds of things. But,I still like the old fashioned cameras. Although,digital is very forgiving.

  2. Just re read. Conjure. It's Friday. What can I say after hours of poring over medical records


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