Monday, July 30, 2012

Vegas: Longest Acid Trip Ever

It wasn't long into our Vegas trip that I revoked Spousal Unit's camera privileges.

Once we landed, I felt the magic pretty quickly. One might imagine this is how an acid trip feels: the hotel lobby was full of floating flower balls. (If you could even call it a lobby. They might prefer "atrium.")

If that was impressive, I was completely floored by the view from our room on the 52nd floor. We could see forever.

Including the Vegas we lived in for a few years, I've never seen a place where grass looks so ridiculous; the natural landscape is completely barren, so all the greenery is man-made. See the big patch of grass near the window? A golf course. $500 per game.

We wandered the strip a little, and discovered some other cool things, like this siren motorcycle at Treasure Island...

...and a Sistine Chapel-esque ceiling at the Palazzo.

Then the event we all came for: The Beatles Cirque du Soleil.

We were not allowed to take pictures, of course; I got this one from here. What an incredible show - the energy in that hour and a half performance was so high, and the emotional response was amazing. I was practically in tears through the whole thing, just because of the sheer happiness of it all.

This picture was from the song Within You Without You, a George song. I may have mentioned before that George is my favorite Beatle; that may have influenced this being such an intense act in my eyes. Especially the line, "With our love, we could save the world."

Some people go to Vegas to gamble - I went for the art. Yeah, I could do that again.

But I'm glad I live the way I do. 

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