Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Star Wars and Geek Knits

Spousal Unit and I have been watching Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy. One of the things that has most amazed me so far is the original concept art, done by Ralph McQuarrie, who passed away earlier this year.

I'd seen his work before, but I didn't realize what an impact his work had on the films overall - some designs followed his paintings down to the last detail. I'd love to have a copy of any of his pieces, but especially the ones I've posted here. (Click to see all the brilliant detail!)

Watching this documentary has somehow reminded me of an old knitting pattern I have, that I've never used. It's simple, and about time I made it: a knitted lightsaber.

This particular lightsaber pattern is for kids and dogs, hence the odd handle-to-saber proportion. I will, of course, make an adult-sized one, so that it doesn't look so much like a... well, you know.

Carbonscoring, the artist who designed those lightsabers, has an Etsy shop for the pattern, too. But the pattern I adore more is the Admiral Ackbar sock monkey. Delightful.

Other patterns you might enjoy, from Ravelry:

- Patterns for TIE fighters, R2-D2, stormtroopers, and more, all worked into hats, sweaters, socks, and hats (one link to rule them all!)

- The classic R2 beanie

- A baby Yoda hat for your little Jedi

- A crocheted Twi'lek hat

May the Gauge Be With You!

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  1. The concept art is amazing. Thanks for sharing!


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