Friday, July 20, 2012

Socially Awkward Bookseller is Awkward

Sometimes I think it would be safest for everyone in my life if I just introduced myself by saying, "Hello, my name is Allison. I am a socially inept human being. I shall now commence with the word vomit."

Even more helpful would be a t-shirt that just says "Socially Inept," a kind of do-not-feed-the-animals preventive sign to keep others from engaging me too closely in conversation. Especially on a weekend like this, when I'll be thrown into close proximity with more people than usual as the bookstore moves a block down, resulting in lots of weird moments when I run into the same people over and over again as I walk down the sidewalk. And then back again.

You can only say "Nice weather today" so many times to the same person before it becomes a weird and painfully obvious filler. Actually, you can only say it once. Which means I have to try really hard to remember everyone's faces. This should be fun.

Now comes the awkward moment in this blog where I realize I forgot to plan out anything else to write about this.

Crap. Um... How about this?

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