Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mission Impossible: Teapot Edition

Spousal Unit and I are getting antsy about choosing and buying a teapot, so we at last have a savings plan underway. This will be part of goal #11 for me: getting a tea set. The pots we're interested in are rather expensive, so if I only get the pot before my birthday, I'll count that as a goal accomplished, as it's the larger part anyway.

Our plan goes like this: when we save money on something (such as the $10 we saved on groceries last week via coupons), it will go into our savings jar for the teapot. We will not, of course, count up every penny saved, but when it's a significant amount, the cash (or a piece of paper with a number on it) will go into the jar.

By itself, that may save enough for a teapot in a few months - I'm pretty frugal. But as I mentioned, we're really eager for this. So we've added another stipulation: we'll add $5 to the jar for each person when friends or family come to visit us.

Considering that Spousal Unit's family is coming this week, mine is coming next, and a friend is visiting the week after that, I think we'll reach our goal pretty quickly.

I suppose we could just go out and buy the teapot, and then be thrifty in the coming months to compensate. But this method accomplishes several things: we're working up excitement, we'll feel more accomplished in the end, and it gives us time to argue over which designs we prefer.

We see eye-to-eye on so many important things: politics, what makes a marriage work, and cheese improving every meal. But ask us to pick out a movie together or hang something in that blank space on the wall, and we accomplish nothing.

I think that's how it will be with this teapot, so we'll need all the time we can get to agree on one.

A couple of weeks ago, we examined some designs and privately picked our favorites; none of them matched. (We know we want cast iron, so that helps.) Spousal Unit liked the teapot with the elephants.

I liked the one with the monkey (of course).

While Spousal Unit's idea holds more water (literally), I like the symbology of my idea better. Monkeys represent quick wit, energy, and creative genius; elephants represent might, kindness, wisdom, and patience. (Okay, so maybe the symbolism of the elephant is better for a tea party, but the monkey appeals to my writing side.)

Other ideas include the imperial dragon (power, strength, good fortune, happiness, immortality)...

...and the stars and mountains (dreams, imagination, steadfastness).

Whatever we end up choosing, it will take a while to decide. In the meantime, I'll ponder while drinking tea from a coffee mug with a guitar-playing cow.

It tastes delicious just the same.

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  1. I love the stars and mountains! Not that my opinion matters. Just saying. I will personally contribute to the teapot fund! Loved this blog by the by.


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