Friday, March 16, 2012

Crossing the Big Puddle

Next year, Spousal Unit and I - along with a big group of family - are hopefully going to Germany. The stipulation here is, of course, being able to save enough money to go. But I'm already daydreaming of going back to the place I visited ten years ago with a student exchange group.

I want to take Spousal Unit to Königsee, a lake as blue as the Carribean, but in the midst of mountains. The lake is such a vibrant blue-green because of mineral runoff from the mountains, and St. Bartholomew's Chapel is an unusual but delightful beauty in this little niche, too.

Mere minutes away is the Eagle's Nest, which was Nazi headquarters during World War II and Hitler's home. Now, it's a cafe, serving hot chocolate and a beautiful view to tourists. When I was there in high school, I had fun bounding all over the mountain like a hyperactive teenage goat.

There are also tours of the former bunker underground, with an extensive elevator trip to get there. (I do have my own pictures of these places from back in the day, but they're from before I went digital. Someday I'll scan them and share them with you.)

Spousal Unit wants to go to Paris with me, where he lived for a semester in college. We both want to go to the Louvre, of course, and Spousal Unit wants to drag me around Luxembourg Palace. He told me he spent half a day walking around the gardens alone - and he didn't see all of them, let alone the interior of the palace. Unlike many, I really enjoy paying the little extra for a guided tour, because you learn so much more about a place than you would otherwise.

We both want to visit Norway too, for the sake of our heritage (mine biological, his marital). I have no idea yet where we'd go, but I have a few friends who've spent time there who can give suggestions, such as the fjords.

How much can we see in two weeks? I'm excited to find out - and we don't even know if we're going yet.

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  1. Two things: I actually spent half a day getting lost in the gardens of Versailles, not Luxembourg (though I had a lovely time listening to Moonlight Sonata on an actual piano being played by an actual guy. And not a mime.) Also, will you eat moose meat if we go to Norway?


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