Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Myriad Letters, and a Few Reactions

One of my favorite new sites is Dear Blank Please Blank. It allows people to fill in the blanks, writing short, hilarious/serious letters to various people, things, or places. For example:

I can totally relate to the person who posted this. My sister will still hoist the cat into the air - no prompting whatsoever - and start singing The Lion King's opening theme, while poor Cinnamon looks down on his kingdom, ears splayed back and terrified of his sudden removal from the ground. (In some ways, I think he's gotten used to her doing this and is just thinking, Really? Again? You just did this five minutes ago.)

Other favorites of mine are Twilight commentary.

Some posts are trying so hard to be funny that they're just offensive.

I have several responses I'd like to post in regard to this last one. Such as...

Dear boys who post sexist things on the Internet,

Please shut up. Your attempts to set women's rights back fifty years are not funny. I'd say maybe you should be in government instead, with all the other idiots, but they don't need the help.

Sincerely, someone intelligent

Or how about...

Dear boy,

You're making a bad name for your sex. Let the real men through.

Sincerely, a real woman

Unfortunately, people who post that kind of thing usually have listening issues too. 

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