Friday, March 2, 2012

Everything I Touch Gets Ruined.

I had an awesome post for you today, full of things I'm excited about lately. I wrote paragraph after paragraph, detailing the awesomeness.

Usually, this stupid site will save my progress as I go. But every now and then, the internet is a little silly (read: Class A dunce) and terrible things happen. Like I try to add a picture before I realize nothing has saved. And another window will open, which isn't really another window and blocks me from working on anything I've written thus far. So the page continues pretending to open the picture uploader, while the words I've written are barely visible on the other side, and I know I will lose all of them.

Stupid internet. Stupid Blogger.

So, rather than rewriting exactly what I just wrote (because now I am not only discouraged, but late), I will enumerate the things that make me excited, when I'm not too busy being pissed at my blog host.

1. Circle M Farm - Spousal Unit and I are getting a share of vegetables for the summer - a 2-foot box every other week, and we're paying it off by working at the farm. Animals, dirt, and handspun yarn, far away from the city. Also, maybe bacon.

2. Vegetarian Times - I made two recipes from this magazine recently: Grilled Eggplant Involtini and Golden Thai Curry with Green Beans. I love their creativity and simplicity, which still provides challenges.

3. My new haircut: a reverse bob. $9, including tip.

4. When my weekend happens (this week, it's Sunday and Monday), I get to alphabetize our movies. Get to. I love alphabetizing and organizing stuff like that. That was our last visible box to unpack - our closet is still full of cardboard, but at least things we can see are starting to come together. Hooray for that.

And here's hoping I can post this without losing the whole damn thing again.

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