Monday, December 12, 2011

A Package From the Pack

So. Remember back when I wrote that letter to the Green Bay Packers, thanking them for their wedding present to Spousal Unit and I?

I sent it. And they wrote back.

We got a whole packet of awesome from them. The letter was only a form letter, with our names inserted, but it was written in a way that made it sound personalized.

(No mention of our anniversary present – a repeat of last year – but I’m sure that’s just because they want it to be a surprise.)

We got Packers bracelets that say “Teamwork. Commitment.” There were two pictures of the team: one of the original Pack, and one of the more modern Pack.

There were shiny, pretty stickers, and enough temporary tattoos for each of our cheeks. There were team schedules, in paper and magnet forms, and a pamphlet about joining the Packers Fan Club.

Let me take this moment to say that the Terrible Towel is an awful idea. Whoever is head of marketing for the Steelers must have just run out of ideas and gone with something alliterative, regardless of meaning. “The Terrible Towel” doesn’t even sound intimidating. (Though I suppose fans are just glad it wasn’t the Terrible Toilet.)

Many teams have adopted this kickoff towel-waving idea, for some reason. This includes the Packers. And I love them to death, as any good Wisconsinite does, but… really?

What is “kick it off loud” supposed to mean? I understand that you use it at kickoff, and everyone is yelling. But the phrasing makes me think the fans just want the sound of ball meeting foot to be louder than anything else.

Despite that odd phrase, the package was a delightful surprise to get. We made sure to mention it to some friends who just bought Packers stock a couple of days ago, when it went on sale.

They told us, “As part-owners of the Green Bay Packers, we feel it’s important to give back to the fans.”

The cross stitch I made for the kitchen is now even truer than ever. 

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