Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Few Seconds of Joy

A week ago, the Great Outdoors behind our apartment was a snowy winter wonderland.

Now, it's... you know... not.

Yes, there are some snowflakes in that picture. I was looking at the weather report for New Mexico earlier, where they've gotten one blizzard and are expecting another. I was wistfully wishing for a few flakes of our own when I looked out the window and saw them! Great, fluffy white things, prompting me to think of this poem my mom always recited when I was little:

It snowed last night! It snowed last night!
The sky bears had a pillow fight!
They tore up every cloud in sight
And let down all their feathers white.
It snowed last night! It snowed last night!

I still recite it to Spousal Unit every morning after a snow.

Unfortunately, after I had taken a few pictures, trying to capture the molecules of frozen water, they completely disappeared. Now the sky is empty once again, full of only longing and heavy clouds that say, "Maybe later today... Maybe."

Clouds are such teases.

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