Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So. The '80s. They Happened.

When I was little, I had a bunch of video tapes onto which my mom had recorded some of my favorite TV shows. One of them was My Little Pony.

I watched that show over and over again. Who knows why - kids always get hooked on things their parents hate, so my mom must have loathed it. It takes very little of this clip to tell that it's the '80s - Megan's wearing overalls, and check out Nightshade's "rocker" outfit.

On this tape full of My Little Pony and its companion show, Glo Friends, there were many commercials. One of them was for Rock and Curl Jem, and I still, still have that stupid jingle memorized.

You can do so much with her hair - curl it up, tease it out, or cut it off and tattoo her head with pens and markers. Something I would never consider doing.

Another jingle I still can't get out of my head? The Christmas Nestle one.

Fact: I've known this jingle for at least 20 years now. They could have made a jingle that states the chocolate-making process, or the chemical formula for chocolate. You know, something useful - even their chocolate chip cookie recipe would have been great. Instead, I got N-E-S-T-L-E-S stuck in my head. Forever.

Until a couple of months ago, I hadn't seen this video for Superfreak by Rick James. I didn't know he had such a glittery mane of hair. I also didn't know prom dresses were ever considered hot, but hey, it was the '80s. They also brought us such things as stirrup pants and shoulder pads - why should I be surprised?

I'm never going to see this scene from Little Miss Sunshine the same way again.

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  1. The scene from Little Miss Sunshine made my jaw drop. I couldn't belive it!


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