Monday, December 26, 2011

On to the Next Thing

Now that it's December 26, I'm almost done with my holiday knitting.

I still have a couple of things to finish up, but once they're done, I'll be able to focus on other things for the first time in a few months. I'll have freetime again, to do whatever I feel like. For me, this means two things: reading and completing some goals on my 25 before 28 list.

Reading means finally getting around to books I got for my birthday, like All These Things I've Done by Gabrielle Zevin, She Walks in Beauty (a poetry collection), and Wish You Were Here by Stewart O'Nan. Once we have all our books with us again, it means getting around to #18 on my list, reading The Reader in German.

I didn't realize till now, but I've already accomplished #20 on my list: buying a mattress. Spousal Unit and I are still very pleased with it, and considering it's been more than a month since we got it, I should probably send in the warranty card. Yep. Probably. We also accomplished #19, moving into an apartment.
Another thing I get to do, now that I have the freetime and the funds for it, is take a class of some sort. I think I'll look into the kendo ones to start with (#2 on my list).

Knitting will go by the wayside for some time. After working with it so intensely for so long, I'll need a good break from it. Which means working on #3, sewing afghan squares together. The afghan is a crochet project, and completely mindless. Which means it should be relaxing and tolerable at the same time, so long as it doesn't decide to be difficult, like some projects of mine.

When all's said and done, I'll need a tea party with my new tea set, as detailed by #7 and #11. Perhaps it will look something like this:
Perhaps it will not. But it will be delightful, relaxing, and an excellent reward for accomplishing so much.

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  1. That tea set is beautiful, but then again...there are so many to choose from!


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