Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Favorite Sound: Mumford & Sons

Today, rather than performing an analysis of my recent obsession, Mumford and Sons, I'm directing you to some other people's reviews. They differ quite a bit, and one is even downright scathing (I don't see how anyone could hate them so much). Here, have a couple of music videos, too. Then, decide for yourself what you think of them.

I've got a novel to write. (Or maybe I'll go back to bed. But probably I'll write.)


  1. I was just thinking of checking out their music. You must be psychic sis!

  2. I read the scathing review. I know it's only his opinion, but he presents conclusions without exploring or even presenting the premises on which they're based.

    The only judgment he makes with actual evidence is one of the earlier ones in which he states that the band has derived their sound from so many other bands. Even that is not a real criticism, as if there are any bands around who don't have influences.

    He seems more interseted in establishing his "indie cred" than prociding a useful review of the music. Damn hipsters.



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