Friday, August 12, 2011

Links to All the Awesomest Things. Ever.

Today is the day I finish my essay. I'm feeling oddly excited about this - it reminds me of when I finished my senior sem paper in college. At that point, I said YES! I can finally write a great paper.

And then school was done. But I'm recapturing the happy part of that.

Fun things you could do: enjoy some of the best Muppet segments ever.

Learn how to reclaim your confidence (I'm sure this works for guys, too).

Read this post about something you can do to bananas... which is not at all perverted. Be sure to read some of the comments, too.

See some geeky marriage proposals (the Harry Potter one is very clever, but I still favor the Picard one!)

This New York Times article is about the new zombies in literature, an invaluable resource if you're writing about the elusive creatures.

Dive into this poem by poet laureate Philip Levine. I love the darkness and imagery in this one - he's a very provocative writer.

And finally, enjoy this cute sand kitten and other happy news.

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