Monday, August 15, 2011

I Love Weekends Like This

What an amazing weekend.

This was one of those weekends that makes you wish, really wish, it was always the weekend. That working was not necessary for paying the bills. That you had no other responsibilities in life and could just enjoy the fun stuff all the time.

If that was the case, we'd have nothing to compare it to and weekends wouldn't be so cool. But this weekend still makes me wish it would just go on and on.

Friday: I finished my 18-page application for an awesome job that I really want. I polished up the last bits of my essay, relinquished my control, and passed it on to higher authorities. I won't find out about it for at least another week, I think.

Later in the day, we were restless and eager to explore, so the four of us went in search of shoes or gel inserts for my new job at the tux shop, where I'll be standing on tile floors eight hours a day. Ugh. Gel inserts were found, along with an awesome shirt, a $5 pair of IZ Byer pants that fit me like a glove, and a long wool winter coat for Spousal Unit.

When we got home, we laid out blankets and watched the meteor shower with beer in hand, telling each other myths about how the world became like it is. Later, we wandered to the lake and sat on the dock, basking in the glow of the moon.

Saturday continued all of Friday's awesome. I edited ten pages of my novel and went to downtown Madison with Kaelin. We explored the contemporary art museum, poked our heads in various shops, and got yogurt from Red Mango, which we ate at the lake while a one-footed duck hopped stolidly about.

Back in our neighborhood, we went to a garage sale where I found two Ikea chairs for $5 and a mug that says, "Something in the way she moos..." with a cow playing guitar. In the evening, Spousal Unit and I got terribly lost, then ate Thai food and drank beer and helped my sister move out of her place. He also randomly ran into his cousin, who happens to be moving in right below where my sister lived. Crazy random happenstance is what that is.

At the end of the night, we started shopping for Hippie Christmas - I'll devote an entire post to this later in the week, because our finds were so awesome. If you're in the Madison area and haven't participated in Hippie Christmas (a.k.a. curb picking) before, you would love it to death. It's every August 14-15ish - more to come on this.

Sunday I made lemon poppyseed biscotti with lemon icing and edited ten more pages of my novel. We continued with Hippie Christmas, then had a two-for-one meal at Cousin's and cleaned up our curb-picking finds. I made a dinner of black bean veggie burgers, corn on the cob, garlic smashed taters, and vegetarian baked beans. Lots of beans, but a very yummy meal, topped off with spearmint tea.

I went to bed and woke up at 3 a.m. to Spousal Unit pushing on the door, trying to open it from the hall - I was somehow locked in, despite there being no lock on the door. After about 15 minutes, we finally got it open. (Don't worry, there will be another post about this one, too.)

All in all, an awesome weekend. Even with accidentally getting locked in the bedroom.

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