Wednesday, August 3, 2011

In Which I Complain About Exhaustion After Working Six Hours This Week, or Allison's Kind of a Pansy

It's only Wednesday morning and I'm already exhausted.

I have no good reason to be. My two workdays so far have only been three hours long each. That's how today will be, too. I chalk it all up to not having gone anywhere or learned anything on a daily basis for the last two months. To suddenly jump back into it is overwhelming and a bit terrifying.

Another part of that is the number of interviews I have this week. Yesterday was my first, and I still have three to go. Plus the two I had last week. Six interviews and two (short) days of work in one week. I guess that explains my sleepiness pretty well.

These interviews are stressful for a couple of reasons. 1.) I don't know where they are, being new to this city, so I have to leave early just in case I get lost. I almost did yesterday heading to a tux shop interview. 2.) I always get nervous when I have to perform. Yes, everyone has to deal with that, but it's still a physically exhausting thing. 3.) I don't really know where my good clothes ended up after the move. Yes, I set them aside so I'd have interview clothes, but then they just kind of... disappeared. So I need more of those, but I haven't gotten a paycheck yet.

Left yet on my interview schedule are one for an admin assistant job, one for a video store, and one for... KFC. Yes, the fast-food place where they deep-fry chicken. As in meat. Which I have not eaten in nearly a year.

So that should be interesting. I'm actually most nervous about that one.

At work, I've been observing like mad. Days are very busy lately - Monday I saw a sitting for two young boys and a high school senior portrait session. Yesterday was another senior session and a newborn. Each session gets at least two backdrops and several props. Seniors often have a change of clothes, too, so there's lots of moving things, adjusting lighting, and fixing clothes, all at a fast pace to stay in the allotted time frame.

Surprisingly, the newborn session was the least exhausting - she slept the whole time. And the photographer I was shadowing was glad for that, despite getting no pictures with the baby's eyes open.

Between each sitting is an editing session - paring down photos for the correct number of proofs, somewhere around 30. Sometimes that means cutting the number of photos in half. Then there's zooming, touch-ups, effects, and collaging - and all of this is done in about 45 minutes. That's exhausting to watch in itself, not to mention that I don't know the program they're using.

Luckily, no one's asked me to touch a camera yet and I haven't blurted out my camera-down-a-mountain story. I must maintain this control over my urge to share.

Right now I'm really looking forward to Friday, when I have no interviews and can just chill out all day. I'm also looking forward to later tonight, when I get to eat Spousal Unit's wonderful lasagna and have a beer. Or maybe brandy. I'd much prefer to just stay home in bed and cuddle all day, rather than going back out into the world and doing things.

In short, yes, I am going to bed early tonight.

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  1. I sent you a bunch more especially, WPR, would fit you perfectly, I think. Tiredness also could be the hot humid weather. Zaps all your energy. I would agree to refrain from your camera down the mountain in Germany, story.


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