Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Kaelin and the Toad

One warm July evening, Kaelin found a toad.

He was soft and squishy and not very slimy, and he asked Kaelin to show him her grassless home. She was happy as a baby monkey riding on a pig.

(That means she was very happy, indeed.)

Toad explained many great mysteries of toad-life to Kaelin in their time together. He explained why toads are so bumpy, who gifted them with powerful, jumpy legs, and why they croak best near water, early in the morning.

Kaelin was amazed and excited to be so trusted with the intricacies of toad culture.

She vowed that Toad would always be her bestest friend forever and for always. She even offered him a nice little place under the china hutch, where he could be happy and squishy every day.

Kaelin rubbed his soft little belly and held her friend close.

Toad was happy.

Then, tragedy struck, in the form of Spousal Unit. He offered Toad his skills with certain implements of destruction, so that he could escape this cruel world if he so desired.

Kaelin was afraid for her friend's safety.

And so, knowing her poor green friend would not be happy and squishy under the china hutch (or rather, he'd be the wrong kind of squishy), she explained to the amphibious little guy that he would, unfortunately have to leave.

Toad was sad to go, but promised to visit soon. He gave Kaelin a hug and ventured out into the dark, wet world, resigned to a life where green is sometimes a difficult color.

But Toad knew he could come see Kaelin again any time he wanted a belly rub.

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  1. I had to listen to Rainbow Connection after watching the other video.


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