Saturday, May 14, 2011

Things I'm Going to Miss: Scenery

I'm going to miss many things about New Mexico. One thing in particular is the weird beauty I didn't expect to find out here. When I first came to visit, I was expecting desolate desert and not much else. I forgot about mountains.

Mordor mountains (Spousal Unit saw these), in Las Cruces

I forgot about the Rio Grande, which is so much more amazing than this picture shows.

Though, this one does pretty good at showing how terrifying it is to look straight down from the bridge. (By the way, this is where Spousal Unit and I got engaged. Romantic, huh?)

I had no idea how beautiful a run-down pueblo could be before I came out here.

Taos Pueblo

I'd never seen a real cactus before, let alone one with fruit growing on it. They have a resilient beauty to them.

Just outside of Carlsbad Caverns

And I had no clue that Los Alamos really was that hard to get to. It's hard to get there even now, with a modern car. I can't imagine getting there with the old-school caravan they had to work with.

I also had no idea Los Alamos was so much more beautiful than just labs and test sites.

I'll definitely come back to this at some point. For now, at least I've got pictures and some wonderful memories.

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