Thursday, May 19, 2011

Making People Happy

Yesterday, I was in charge of a program for a class of 17 students who came to the bookstore.

I've done plenty of storytimes before, but never something on such a large scale, so I was way nervous. (That's where the dream about ballet and puppets and 200 parents came from.) I more or less reused an old storytime idea, but there was still the matter of the tour and a craft.

The class was from the Spanish immersion school, so when I said, "Good morning!" they all responded, "Buenos dias!" When I asked, "How are you all today?" they all responded, "Muy bien, y tu?" Not only was it very sweet, but it helped make me feel better. They were a well-behaved class from the start.

Having a couple of coworkers to help me was wonderful, too (especially since they both knew more Spanish than I). The kids were really excited about several things: they loved having a story read to them, they loved getting to make their own book for a craft, and they just about freaked when I told them they would get a gift card to take something home with them.

It really felt good to know I helped make them so happy during the course of that hour. That's the one thing I've loved most about my job: helping people pick out just the right book and seeing how happy it makes them. Now that it's time for me to get a new job, I don't know what to look for, other than making people happy.

I think I'm ready to try something new. I loved my internship at the press in Chicago, but there are no book presses in Madison. The internet has given me no good ideas. The only thing I've thought of is this: because I love helping people, maybe I should look for a non-profit.

I've tried the big museums in Madison. Nothing. I've only scraped the surface in the job hunt; I know there are plenty more places to try. I'm likely to find a job the way I always have before: walking up and down the streets handing out my resume to everyone I run into. Even the bum on the corner.

It makes me nervous to have to do it that way. I hope I don't have any more dreams about puppets.

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  1. I am adding a check in the invisible reaction box labeled: wishing you luck

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