Monday, May 23, 2011

Thanks For Coming. Now Leave.

Today, I'm entertaining you by making you go away. Below are a bunch of links to things I like that I think you'll enjoy, too.

My Three Favorite Webcomics
Girls With Slingshots - Snarky, crazy adventures of people without jobs who like drinking. Mostly a girl-centric comic.
xkcd - The tagline says it all: "A webcomic about romance, sarcasm, math, and language." One of the smarter comics out there. It feeds my inner geek.
Questionable Content - Okay, maybe everyone knows about all of these comics already, but they're good. QC is kind of like reading a romance novel by Douglas Adams. Lots of drama, but man is it weird sometimes.

My Three Favorite Blogs
The Bloggess - Lots of snark, this lady is a different kind of crazy. She has a picture of Wil Wheaton collating paper just in case she needs it. There's also lots of swearing, if you're averse to that kind of thing. Today's post involves her being beat up by a koala.
John Scalzi - His posts aren't quite normal lately, as he's on a book tour. But then one would argue his posts are never normal. The Big Idea is one of my favorites, where he has an author tell you why you should read his/her book. Plus other geekery and a peek into a successful writer's life.
Hyperbole and a Half - Random weird stories of the author's childhood/modern life, punctuated with Microsoft Paint images. Awesomely terrible images. Goes a while between updates, but it's usually worth the wait.

My Three Favorite Random Sites
Ravelry - Yes, you need an account to view anything. But when you sign up, you have a plethora of free knitting and crochet patterns at your fingertips (great ideas if nothing else). Plus, there are groups to join, forums to discuss things and ask questions, and a place to document all the great items you make. I'm on as monknit.
Goodreads - Pretty much like Ravelry for readers. Review your favorite/not-so-favorite books, see what friends are reading, and find out what to read next by viewing member-created lists. Most of the site's statistics are a little skewed toward the teenage vampire readers, but if you ignore that this is a great site. Find me by my email address.

Cake Wrecks / Postsecret - Okay, those two pretty much have nothing in common, but I look at both of them about once a week, so they tie. Cake Wrecks features crazy-awful cakes, with crazy-beautiful cakes on Sundays. Postsecret... if you don't know what it is, you need to. Go there.

Bye! Have fun!

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