Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Letter to Madison

Dear Madison,

Soon I will be in you.

If you recall, when I left Wisconsin to be with then-Boyfriend, now-Spousal Unit, I referred to the trip as The Great New Mexican Trial of Pain and Fury. Madison, I beg you: don't make me give the upcoming trip a dramatic, negative name.

If I give the upcoming journey a dramatic and negative name, I hope it will be entirely due to the low levels of sanity I already have in place, as observed below.

See, I'm even wearing a kerchief in this photo. And I liked it. This is a sign that my already fragile sanity is greatly diminished. This whole "change" thing that's coming up is bad for it, and my sanity is starting to say, "Waaaaait a minute... What are you doing? Where are we going? Why are you putting me in this box? Wait! It's dark in here! Let me out!"

For now, I'm ignoring it as best I can, though the pounding on that box in the hallway is rather distracting.

But seriously, Madison. New Mexico at least had the courtesy to hand me a job not long after I moved out here. Can I be just a little bit picky and ask that my first job back in Wisconsin doesn't involve shoveling poo? That would be much appreciated.

Another thing I would greatly appreciate is a job where I don't wonder if the customer who was just in the bathroom was shooting up or not. Actually, I'd rather not work with people. But I'm willing to do that in exchange for the "no poo" clause.

Hopefully, Madison, said job will only be necessary for about a year, before I start at the School of Writing Stuff and Awesomeness. So... if you could put a good word in for me over there, too, that would be spiffy.

I don't want to ask too much of you - I had a fairly nasty experience that time I asked Cthulhu for an extra favor, involving little things called fire and brimstone, so I know it's probably time for me to shut my mouth and accept my lot.

But I'd also really, really like a kitty.


Your partner in all things cheesy,



  1. And what do we learn from pain and fury?? Oh yeah that thing called strength. Remember, "The world breaks everyone and some are stronger in the broken places." Did you gain some good friends while out there? Yes you did. They invited you in for Christmas cause you couldn't be home. Yay for change. We got married(yes, again and gained 3 more kids), retired, moved (from a house we lived in for 19 years),sold our house and went to Germany all in less than 9 months. All the above, the best decisions I've ever made (besides having 3 beautiful daughters). Oh Oh. Pollyanna strikes again!!


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