Thursday, May 26, 2011

Questionable Driving Habits

When it comes to driving music, I have some simple requirements:

1.) I must be able to sing along, or at least hum loudly.
2.) It has to be slightly headbanging so that I have an excuse to bob in place.

A high school friend gave me a CD titled, "Don't Fall Asleep at the Wheel!" and it does a great job of helping me not do that. On the upcoming 19-hour-ish drive, I likely won't have anyone to relieve me, whereas Spousal Unit and I usually switch off.

So I've been devising some playlists that will make other drivers think I'm slightly crazy as I bob along and shout terrible inside jokes into my walkie talkie. (If you've never used one of those on a long drive, you're totally missing out.) Spousal Unit will get the iPod, as it no longer hooks up to my uber-cheap car stereo.

In a similar spirit to the previously mentioned CD, this one is titled, "Wakey Wakey."

One Night in Bangkok - Murray Head
Jungle Boogie - Kool & the Gang
Dog Days are Over - Florence & the Machine
Map of Tasmania - Amanda Palmer
Oh My - Gin Wigmore
Back to Black - Amy Winehouse
Naked Cousin - PJ Harvey
Love the Way You Lie - Eminem & Rihanna
Aenima - Tool
Woke Up This Morning - A3
Flagpole Sitta - Harvey Danger
Talk to Me Dance With Me - Hot Hot Heat
Brand New Day - Neal Patrick Harris
Thoughts of a Dying Atheist - Muse
Narcolepsy - Third Eye Blind
Hysteria - Muse
Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

Yes, I ended up with Muse on there twice. Usually I shoot for one song per artist on each CD, but Muse is very good at making me be awake. I think this whole CD will do the job pretty well.

The companion CD will be titled, "Eggs and (Humanely Raised and Slaughtered) Bakey." It starts out a bit differently, with "Just Around the Riverbend" from Pocahontas.

The other item I require to stay focused while driving is something to occasionally munch on, to shake off the monotony. Especially once we're out of the mountains, and even more so in places like Iowa. (It's beautiful, but really, variety please!) My munchy of choice is strawberry Twizzlers. But I'll take cherry stuff if I'm desperate.

Usually by the end of a long trip like this, I can't even look at Twizzlers for several months because I get so sick of them. Yes, I love them, but I tend to... kinda go through a bag and a half over the course of the trip. Yes, very bad for me. But it keeps me focused and usually, I have about one small piece of chocolate every other day. So one day of nothing but high fructose corn syrup probably won't give me cancer.

Hopefully. Fingers crossed.

So next week, here's what you can imagine as I'm making the drive to Wisconsin: my car loaded down with all the crap I can't live without, as I (possibly the whitest girl you know) rap along with Eminem, while devouring Twizzlers like an artificial-coloring black hole and yelling Star Wars lines into a walkie talkie.

Bet you all feel so safe on the road now.


  1. Licorice is fat free! A good choice of candy if you're overindulging

  2. Your mixes are always great! i have dealt with a few roadtrips now with that one you gave me... also, language tapes are awesome in the car. i'm not even sure why or how i acquired such a thing, but German 1 is on my ipod, and i spent most of Ohio this last time trying that. One trucker thought i was making a kiss face at him, nope, i was seriously questioning how one's face makes some of those sounds.


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