Wednesday, January 2, 2013


The first post of the new year. Many people have done a top-ten recap of their last year, posting the glorious things that happened to them in 2012 or their best blog posts. Don't worry; I'm planning to list my most popular blogs for you, too. But as far as my own life? No recaps here.

I'm doing a precap - a top-ten list of what will happen for me in 2013. (This would be so much better if I had a Magic 8 ball.)

Allison's 2013 Precap

1. Kitties come to live with Spousal Unit and I. (This is imminent - happening at the end of the week.)

2. I actually manage to hold a job for more than half a year without wanting to stab myself in the jugular - new record since moving back to Wisconsin.

3. My wee sister graduates high school and realizes I was right - it does end, and not everyone acts like high schoolers in the rest of the world. (Not everyone, but still some.)

4. I will finish my novel. Not as in, "Dear publisher, Please love this pile of word vomit." More along the lines of, hey, it has an ending.

5. We'll renew our lease on this place and stay here another year.

6. Germany. We will go there and drink beer. Also maybe Norway and France.

7. I will probably get sick. Like, stomach-flu sick. (It's been several years since I last was, so my immune system must be rarin' for a good compromise. I'm not saying I want to get sick; I'm just saying it's likely.)

8. I only forsee myself accomplishing about 14 of my 25 things before 29. I've had a tendency to forget about them lately. Also, I like being at home more than I used to - I'd pick this over a museum most days, I think.

9. My birthday will be okay.

10. It will rain on July 4.

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