Thursday, October 18, 2012

25 Things Before 29

The coming year will provide many things for me. The Mayan apocalypse may or may not be among them; personally, I'm rooting in favor of the four horsemen deciding they're just not up to destroying the world this year, and would rather stay in Valhalla and comb their ridiculous green-tentacled beards. I like where my life is going, and I'd like it to get there - wherever there may happen to be.

It's that time of year when I like to at least pretend I have some control over my life and make wise and ridiculous goals as I gallop off into the sunset of another anniversary. Here's what I'm hoping to accomplish in the next year. The first six are uncompleted items from last year - ones that I still hope to check off my list.

1. Take a creative class - painting, writing, etc.

2. Bake something extra-difficult. Then make other people eat it. Because I'm evil.

3. Get a bike - if not for myself, for Spousal Unit.

4. Volunteer somewhere - like a children's museum or an animal shelter.

5. Take Spousal Unit to Mall of America, as he's never been there.

6. Read a book about quantum physics.

7. Finish the end of the novel, by the end of the year, so that I have a complete draft to rip to pieces, rearrange, and rewrite.

8. Check off steps 1 through 6 of my revision checklist. (Not as big a goal as it seems - I'm already halfway toward most of them.)

9. Write at least 200 words a day for the novel, starting November 1. I'm totally serious about this thing.

10. At least prepare a letter and the first chapter to go out to a publisher.

11. Get a kitty.

12. Go to Germany again. Or somewhere else awesome - I'm not picky.
13. Mod Podge/paint a bookshelf.

14. Go to Aztalan with Spousal Unit.

15. Knit socks for myself.

16. Save a predetermined amount of money.

17. Visit three Madison museums - the first on my list is the Mustard Museum.

18. Finish all of the quilt squares and sew them together. (This doesn't mean finishing it, as it will still need a border.)

19. Continue to exercise regularly. 

20. Reach a point where I do not expect to experience physical pain on a daily basis. I've given PT a shot; next up is massage and a chiropractor.

21. Continue to see the shrink.

22. Get my tattoo. This includes figuring out exactly where I want it, and how much of it I want to get at once.

23. Go to a concert. I don't care what kind - indie, jazz, classical, Irish - but it has to be live, and it has to be more than just one person making musical noise in a room I happen to inhabit. I miss live music.

24. Try to make music of my own again - as in, practice and become somewhat proficient again. I will pick between mandolin, piano, and flute.

25. Research hunting, and possibly go hunting - I'm thinking turkeys, or maybe fishing. More on this idea to come - if nothing else, I want to go to an archery range.

The year to come will, in some ways, be a continuation of last year - lots of novel work and self-improvement. In some ways, it will be kind of weird. I've come to expect that of my life.


  1. I've always been very intrigued by the Mustard Museum, but never made it there when I lived in Madison. I think that is an excellent goal.

  2. Turkeys are tricky to hunt. You will need to wear full body camouflage. They have really good eyesight.


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