Friday, October 5, 2012

Ten Awesome Things About the Upcoming Month

I'm putting this one together as reassurance to myself, mostly. Okay, entirely. Good things are happening to me - I just need to remember that they are good and not deadly/terrifying.

1. On Monday, I start my new job. A job in the field I want to work in, doing what I've been interested in since moving back to the Dairy State.

2. This means no more new books on a daily basis, but it also means no more lifting of 40-pound boxes, no more awkward schedules, and (I'm really, really hoping) no more of retail's standby: getting screamed at during the holiday season.

3. I don't have to walk a mile and a half to work. Nor do I have to pay for parking.

4. At the end of the month, Spousal Unit and I are moving. The new area looks to have a lower crime rate, is closer to both of our jobs, and will be more compatible with leisurely walks.

5. The new apartment itself has a deck we can be selfish about (i.e. no sharing with neighbors), a bedroom we're turning into a library, and more closet space than Madonna has. (That's probably a lie. But we have lots of closets in the new place.)

6. The weather this morning has turned delightfully frigid. This means the beginning of sweater weather, and velvet skirts, and leg warmers that I haven't finished yet. I'm already excited to wear them.

7. Today, I'm making use of my employee discount for the last time. This means a mini-Christmas for me, as I'll be coming home with at least five books I've been staring at longingly for weeks on end. Among them are Sandman, Vol. 1, Der Vorleser (the German version of The Reader), and Stormdancer - Japanese steampunk featuring a lady with a sword and mythological monsters.

8. We're going to a pumpkin patch. I don't know which one, and I don't know when. But I didn't get to go last year, and now that I have weekends off, I'm determined to squeeze that in between packing books and power-washing the apartment.

9. Spousal Unit's thesis is moving along. He's excited about it, and so am I. Chances are, this means I won't get to go with to see him defend (seeing as I'm starting a new job), but if it can finally be put behind us, we'll both be thrilled. (And if I can't be there, someone better record it.)

10. Oh yeah. Somewhere in the midst of all this insanity, I'm getting older. They say that's a good thing, compared to the alternative, though I really seem to have stopped caring about the birthday itself. Here's something a bit different to celebrate: every day, I can wake up and say, "Today I'm the oldest I've ever been." That's a kind of success in itself. My mom's coming to celebrate our birthdays, which means a trip to my favorite tea shop. A moment of sanity at the end of this crazy upcoming week.

11. (Because I can add an extra one if I want.) My hour-long lunch breaks mean another chance at novel writing every day. I'm especially excited about that today because in the last two days, I've added another 1900 words to my novel. When I consider how many I wrote daily for the last NaNoWriMo I did, it's not much. But considering how my writing has improved, I'll take it gladly.

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