Thursday, October 4, 2012

Giveaway Winner and a Sad, Sad Little Plant

Yesterday's giveaway is complete, and we have a winner.

The country I had in mind was Argentina. Ana, with her last-minute switcheroo, wins the scarf - Bolivia is the only country guessed which actually borders Argentina.

One last thing before I venture off into the wild yonder of my life: a before and after picture of my basil. See, this is the time of year when basil plants must succumb to their fate in these frigid regions; if I leave the plant for too long, it will turn black and shrivel and be completely useless.

Instead of allowing that to happen, I'm required to temporarily become a murderer.

My lovely and amazing basil, before harvesting...

...and after.

That pathetic little bag of greenery next to the pot full of sticks is the whole of my harvest. I'll be lucky to get even half a cup of pesto from that.

But such is the life of a non-farmer in the city. It's better than nothing, and I think it was worth it enough to do the same next year.

Now to see whether the plant will sprout again before it snows... I don't expect it to, but I do like experimenting.

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