Friday, January 11, 2013

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

I have two things to tell you about today. One of them is thrilling like getting caught in a cool rain on a hot day. The other one is thrilling like discovering something at the back of the fridge has turned an unusual color.

This week, I made brussels sprouts. (You already know which one this is, don't you? Damn. I tried so hard to make it a guessing game.)

We realized, heading home last night, that we had no vegetables at home.

"What kind of vegetarians are we?" the two of us wondered, missing our summer CSA. So we stopped at Aldi for cauliflower, radishes, and, of course, brussels sprouts.

This is how they grow, in case you were wondering. I know I was.

I've never made brussels sprouts before, so this was interesting. I charred them in butter and leftover bacon fat (yes, I saved it from the lovely CSA bacon we had a week ago), then let them simmer in veggie broth for four minutes and added salt. Spousal Unit, who's had them before, said they were very good. I had a hard time telling, as I didn't know what they should taste like.

They were... okay. I could see myself liking them once I get used to the unusual flavor. And there are more in the fridge, so I definitely have that chance.

The other thing Spousal Unit and I did this week (and, I think, the more exciting thing) was naming the cats.

This is Oberon... 

...and this is Titania.

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