Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Kidney-Shaped Mess Where My Heart Should Be

Last night, I took up a new knitting project. I was thinking of a relative I haven't seen in a while, and I wanted to knit something to show I was thinking of her. Many might think that, in deciding on a string of knitted, stuffed hearts, I fell prey to corporate marketing. Many more might agree, as I chose pink alpaca yarn for this craft. Honestly, I was just throwing together something I thought this relative would enjoy. Nothing more.

I admit to being a bit distracted as I worked. We were watching Alien.

Yes, Alien.

I have made a mental note to myself that scifi thrillers are not conducive to good knitting, at least on first viewing.

I began the project (chosen from here) with no problems whatsoever. The stitches fell into place easily; the instructions were easy to understand. But with all of the hosting and egg-laying and gnashing of teeth on the TV screen, I missed a vital step in knitting the first heart: I forgot to knit every other row without adding on any stitches.

At first, as I finished the top of the heart, it didn't look so bad. It was fairly heart-shaped. A bit on the wonky side, at half the height it should have been, but it would work.

Or so I thought, until I stuffed it.

In this picture, you can see exactly where I went wrong. There's not much of a point at the bottom of this heart. It does still look a bit like what I was going for... At least, until you turn it on its side.

Clearly, all I've made is a very loving kidney.

At least the cats have a fun new toy.

(Blog title thanks to the Magnetic Fields song The Cactus Where Your Heart Should Be.)

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