Thursday, January 10, 2013

Skullcap Scullcap and New Needles

Dear Internets: I have made a hat. Is it not sweet?

I was slightly bored one night just after Christmas, but still feeling the spirit of the season. I spliced this skull-and-crossbones hat together from two patterns: the skull flap hat by So Much Yarn, So Little Time and the Kim's Hats pattern from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. I've mentioned this book to you many times, because it is awesome, of course - I love every pattern in it. This hat is further proof that you can do anything with the pattern.

Even the skulls are wearing little skullcaps!

Knitted on size 8 needles (just like all the other hats I've made) with Caron yarn. It has wee pom at the end of each flap-string, too.

In other knitting news, here is one of my Christmas gifts, from my mama-in-law: three sets of needles in a gorgeous box.

They are made of huaranguito wood, in sizes 8, 10 1/2, and 13. I've only used the size 8 so far, but they knit well, with a slightly rougher texture than my bamboo needles - excellent for slippery yarns.

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