Monday, June 11, 2012

Roblets Are Hatched!

Remember when I told you about the bird nest and roblet eggs on our porch? They've hatched, and man are they ugly little things! Really cool, but still ugly. (Click to enlarge!)

See his little fuzzy white mohawk?! And who knew robin skin looked like that? Totally reptilian.

No, they are not dead; they're sleeping. I'm guessing they hatched a week or two ago, because they already seem too big for the nest. There are four little birds in there!

Papa Bird gave me a funny look when I came out to pick basil for dinner, but he must have been more worried about protecting the roblets till Mama came back. He didn't move the whole time I was outside.

I used the zoom quite heavily in these pictures, so as to stay a good distance from the nest. I worry a little about the neighbors, though - the little girl came out one day with a step stool and a shoebox! Who knows what her plans were, but luckily, her mom got to her before I had to.

The roblets don't make much noise yet... but they do make a little. Tiny little peeps as they stretch out their necks, as they lay in a soft, disgusting heap of roblet flesh in the nest. Soon they will be way more annoying than we can stand.

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